Kaley: Sorority Recruitment

Recruitment. The word makes me sound like an athlete or a member of the armed services. In BU’s spring semester, though, the word stirs images that are 100% the opposite of either: to 2,000 female students, recruitment means pink, pumps, and Pinterested décor.

I decided to get involved in Greek life before I ever set foot on BU’s campus –it was a factor I considered when narrowing my college options during senior spring. So, after waiting all of first semester and some of second, formal recruitment finally rolled around this weekend. To say the least, it’s an experience like none other.

All 700 “potential new members” –that’s me and about 699 other hopefuls who are striving to join sororities –are guided through the Marriott in Copley Square, and we spend different amounts of allotted time with each chapter in their own spectacularly decorated ballroom. In the past 48 hours, I’ve spoken in-depth with more than 100 BU women.  And I’m barely halfway through the process.

The amazing thing is, each of the individuals I’ve spoken to has actually been an awesome person. The friendships I’ve forged during this process are authentic, and although the days at recruitment are long and the concept can seem intimidating, the first two days alone have reaffirmed the reason I ultimately chose BU last May: the people here are real. Sorority-land is considered a superficial place at many schools, but at BU you will only find more honest, confident, down-to-earth students. In my opinion, that speaks to the character of our student body.

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