Joe: How to Prank Your Roommate

April Fool’s Day is one of the best days of the year. You can basically do whatever you want and get away with it. Failed a test? April Fools. Fart in public? April Fools. Rob a bank? April Fools.

It’s the perfect time to test the boundaries with your roommate. By now, you’ve gotten to know each other pretty well. It’s time for the prank wars to begin. Here are some fun April Fool’s Day pranks you can play on your roommate that may or may not get you in hot water.

1. The 3:00 a.m. Wake Up

If you’re a morning person or you tend to stay up late, this is the perfect prank for you. Set all the clocks in your room forward 3 or 4 hours. Set your roommate’s alarm to 3 a.m. and sit back and watch the madness ensue. This is a great prank to start off the day. For added fun, set an alarm on their phone for every hour following and watch their frustration grow.

2. Bengay Butt

Put a thin layer of Bengay or Icy Hot on your roommate’s toilet seat.  Beware! If you share a toilet with a roommate, be sure to let them use it first or this prank may backfire.  For even more fun, put plastic wrap between the seat and the bowl.

3. Febreeze Bomb

Buy zip ties and a few cans of Febreze.  Clip the zip tie around loosely.  When you are ready, pull the zip tie so that Febreze is spraying, throw the can into your roommate’s room, and run for your life. This is especially helpful if your roommates smells and never cleans their room.

4. Mac Attack

If your roommate is one to leave his or her computer open, change his or her wallpaper to an image that looks like the screen is broken.  For inspiration, search “cracked screen wallpapers” and prank away!

5. Super Fan

Pick a celebrity you know your roommate despises, and print out tons of different pictures of them. Tape and hang all of these pictures around their room. If you’re feeling especially devious, staple a picture to an assignment they will be handing in to a professor.

Maybe you’re a planner, like me. For instance, I’ve been taking and hiding one thing from my roommate’s desk everyday for the past two weeks in preparation for a grand finale on April 1st. Hoping to make the whole desk disappear but we’ll see how committed I’m feeling. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the results. Does anyone even read this?

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