Kaley: Four Semesters, Three Moments, Two Years, One School

Wrapping up my fourth semester at BU is a lot to wrap my head around. So, instead of trying to think through that, here’s three anecdotes from my two years here that prove why COM was the right choice for me, and why it can be for you too. 

1. September of freshman year: After joining BUTV10, I wanted to get straight to making TV. Armed with borrowed-from-BU-film-equipment, my partner, Louie, who was also freshman, and my first-ever T pass, I headed down to Copley to interview a Twitter-celeb named Tom. Turns out, that Twitter-celeb was the man behind the famous @BostonTweet account, and the event we were interviewing him at also had a guest appearance from Miss USA. Not even a month into my BU career, I went home with a signed Miss USA poster, an on-camera interview with her and @BostonTweet, and a wicked cool story. (By that point I’d picked up some new, hip Bostonian vocab too). Without BUTV10, though, I would’ve probably just spent the Saturday afternoon in my dorm room. 

2. April of freshman year: Second semester came crashing to an amazing end by the last week of April, and seeing as Boston is so easy to get to and fun to visit, my grandparents decided to pay me a birthday visit (my birthday’s April 29th). Over a surprise dinner at The Top of the Hub, I told them all about the city I’d explored while looking down at it (if you haven’t been to the top of the Prudential Center, find a way to get there. The view’s incredible). I described studying at the Boston Public Library during snowstorms and wandering around the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum one random Sunday afternoon. Since it’s so easy to get anywhere in Boston from BU, I was only one year in and I already felt like Boston was my city.

3. March of sophomore year: I’m home in CT for spring break. I’m exhausted from devoting tons of time to a project that one of my professors had encouraged our class to participate in -a film competition put on by New England Sports Network. I’m in constant communication with my incredibly talented teammates, also sophomores in COM, because any day now we could find out if our short film made the Top 10. The phone rings on Friday morning: we’ve made it. We’re one step closer to the grand prize of $20,000 and a set of really cool bragging rights, and had our professor not told us that this competition existed, we never would have been in this position. Yet again, I owe a cool experience to the COM community, and yet again, I find myself so thankful that I chose BU.

Decision season is upon us, high school seniors. I’ve been here two years, and have made way more amazing memories than just these three in the past four semesters. They all come back to one decision though; one school. 

Forgive my cheesiness here, but: “This could Be U.” 

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