Kerri: My Five Regrets

In a few days I will be done with my undergraduate career. No more classes, no more daytime naps, no more weekday Netflix binges. Even though I am very excited to graduate and enter the working world, there are a few things that I wish I did during my time at BU. So, learn from my regrets young ones!


  1. Not doing FYSOP.

All of my friends did FYSOP and got involved as staff leaders as upperclassmen. I have only heard great things about the program and SO many of my friends met their closest friends during that time. Also, I hear it’s an absolute blast.


  1. Not attending any student theatre productions.

Take a Friday or Saturday night to appreciate the talent here at BU. I wish I went to a production during my time here.


  1. Not utilizing the resources at the career services until my senior year.

Although I am one of the lucky seniors who have a job locked down for after graduation, I wish I had started my career journey earlier. The COM Career Services is awesome for internships, cover letters, resumes, and connecting with alumni!


  1. Not exploring Boston while it was still warm out.

Especially after a winter like this year, you really will appreciate the warmer months in Boston. I never took the time to go out and really enjoy the city while it was above 60 degrees! Take a blanket and a book and read along the Charles River. Or take a walk along the Freedom Trail. There is SO much you can do outside in this city!


  1. Not taking advantage of student discounts!

What else can I say… we are all broke college students! TAKE ADVANTAGE- by your senior yea, you’ll be searching  for any and all discounts.

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