Claudia: The Lady Lounge

Bae State Babes. The Lady Lounge. These are the two nicknames for 404 Kilachand – aka my sophomore year dorm. 

I had already started a countdown for sophomore year on my last day as a freshman. Although I wasn’t really ready to say goodbye to Warren (I will always love you, 720B), I was so excited to move to Bay State with my best friends and christen the Lady Lounge. Countless TV shows have documented living with your friends and I was excited. Were we going to have a Chandler-Joey and Rachel-Phoebe-Monica living set up? Who would be our Ugly Naked Guy? We’re looking at you MIT frats.

Jen and Meredith are in the double and I’m in a SAMwich with Sam and Sammi. We’ve got the perfect set up, with each of our personalities proudly displayed on our respective corners. We’ve also got AC, a record player, and a whole bunch of seltzer. So basically, the Lady Lounge is where it’s at.

I have to admit, although I was beyond excited to live with my best friends, I was also a little nervous. Why was I nervous? Was it the ghost of Eugene O’Neill that haunts the fourth floor of Kilachand? Unfortunately, no. There hasn’t been any paranormal activity (that I know of). I was living with some of my favorite people in my favorite city, but I was worried that living with my Bae State babes could possibly hurt our friendship. Would we get sick of spending all of our time together? The answer is never. Our friendship has only become stronger, especially now that we share a bathroom (there is no such thing as privacy).

I have so many memories with these incredible ladies and I know we’ve only been at school for two weeks, but these past couple of days might be tough to beat. Here are some of my favorite roommate bondings — for new and old friends!


We at the lady lounge are very fond of dance breaks. Especially to ABBA. Mamma Mia is our JAM.


Movie nights were a staple of our friendship last year. We laughed. We cried. We watched Rent and the Last Five Years on Valentine’s Day. Movie nights are the absolute best. Especially when paired with popcorn and pajamas.


Because who doesn’t love Trader Joe’s?


Grab your roomies and get those arms pumping. The Lady Lounge is very fond of slow walks on the esplanade as our main form of exercise. All we need is matching tracksuits.

Cheers to the new year and to a new year of roomie lovin’

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