Claire: Getting Involved in butv10

If that awesome and inspiring video didn’t get you pumped then let’s see if I can. BUTV10 is Boston University’s student-operated media production and distribution service. Live-streamed and on-demand programming is available online at and on the campus’ channel 10. Established in 1989 as BUTV and rebranded BUTV10 in 2005, the organization produces an array of news, information, sports, drama, comedy, and variety programming. Our content has received multiple Associated Press, NATAS, Telly, and Webby recognitions, I must stress this by saying there really is a spot for everyone. Our programming includes news, drama, science fiction, sports broadcasting, and even a cooking show. If you aren’t interested in the creative side of television consider joining our Marketing, Programming, or Graphics department.  Membership exceeds 250 people and is growing exponentially. If you are looking to gain experience writing, editing, or producing BUTV10 IS PERFECT FOR YOU. Learn what you love and perfect how to do it before anyone else. We also have tons of super famous alumni – so maybe you can be one of them too!

If you missed our General Interest Meeting and still wish to sign up please complete this form:

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