Hannah H: A Few Favorites About New England’s Fall

I’m either obsessed with alliterations or feeling a little too nostalgic about being a senior, but no matter the case, it has me loving on fall. Don’t get me wrong – I love summer as much as the next person and I can appreciate a good couple of snow days in the winter, but Fall has really become the unsung hero of my time spent here in Boston. Not only is the weather awesome – there’s so much going on on-campus and around the area.

Looking back here’s few things I’m excited to enjoy one last time in New England before shipping out after graduation:

1. Back to Classes

Yes. I said it. I like going back to classes. There’s something reassuring about the fresh start and consistency that the fall brings. You’re excited about new classes and you’re back to a normal schedule. If you have a crazy professor or a class that’s going to become a thorn in your side – you probably don’t know it yet. You get to pretend to be organized for a few weeks even though you know you’ll have lost your agenda halfway through the semester. All these reasons and more are one major reason that come next fall – I’ll really miss going back to classes.

2. The Nature Fix

Boston and its surrounding areas have awesome outdoor landscapes. Sure it’s not like you’re walking through Yellowstone everyday, but it’s also not a concrete jungle. You can watch the leaves fall in Boston Commons. Take a few extra long runs on the esplanade before the air gets too cold and watch Head of the Charles on the river. Day trips to Natick for Apple Picking each fall have become a fall-staple for me to get off-campus and take a break from the chaos of midterms. There’s always a 5k or charity walk that gets you out and about exploring the city. Trust me when I say there are plenty of ways to get your nature fix in Boston and Fall is the perfect time to do it.

3. Moving

It’s widely known and (partially) accepted that everyone moves during the same week every year (August 27th – September 2). That is often mine and most people’s least favorite week of the year. For the record, that week also falls in the summer not the fall. But, by the time fall hits you are all moved in, be it a fancy new suite in Stuvi, an awesome off-campus apartment or an upgraded brownstone double. No matter the case – once you’re all moved in and settled it always feels like an upgrade. And the icing on the cake – fall means no more A/C dreaming, because you don’t need air-conditioning in the fall and I promise you won’t miss all that Boston summer humidity.

On that note – I leave you. I’m off to enjoy a day of boots and a temperature under 75 degrees. Fall is here, Boston. Get ready.

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