Esra: How to enjoy fall even if you hate it

Let me start off by saying I love fall, and fall in Boston is particularly beautiful. It never even occurred to me that someone might dislike fall until I was having a conversation with a friend who said she hated it because it gets colder, darker, and the days get shorter (touché). So, if you are one of those people who hates the sudden pumpkin obsession this time of year, I’ve got you covered with some ways to enjoy fall anyway!

1. Go apple picking or go to a pumpkin patch

Usually pumpkin patches and apple orchards are in the same area- so yay for two-in-one! Bonus: you can make an apple pie afterwards.

2. Make pillsbury holiday sugar cookies (the halloween ones are out in the fall)

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like these cookies. I think the fact that they’re not available all year round adds to how great they are.

3. Check out the foliage

Even the biggest fall hater can’t deny the leaves are incredible this time of year. Bundle up and take trip to Boston Common or a nice walk down the Esplanade.

4. Boston Public Market

Don’t have time to make a trip to an orchard? Stop by Boston Public Market and get your fix of apple cider and apple cider doughnuts! A taste of fall without having to go far from campus!

5. Head of the Charles Regatta

This one is not quintessentially “fall” which is perfect if you’re not into the usual fall activities.

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