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The Boston Calendar is one of my favorite resources to find fun and exciting things happening in Boston. The calendar’s slogan “events that don’t suck” fits the site and blog perfectly. As a new student in Boston it’s difficult to know where to go and when … This calendar promises you will be “in the know” and you will never miss the next street fair or outdoor concert.

The site allows you to pick the day you are looking for something to do, and it simply lists many of the events happening in your area. I advise you to look a couple weeks in advance if possible because some of the more interesting events require a reservation or purchasing tickets. However, if you wake up one Saturday with nothing to do – this calendar will have your back.

You are also able to filter the events to narrow your options. A fan favorite is “FREE”.

You can also choose events by location, which is especially useful as you gain your bearings in Boston. The events link directly to google maps so you can see which are happening closest to you. You can get your directions right through the website!

Some of the options may seem a little out there but I go explore your city and try something new!!! Some of my favorite memories from Freshman year are from when my roommate and I chose random events we found on the Boston Calendar and just explored.


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