Jen: A Halloween How-To Guide

Halloween is quickly approaching and if you’re like me, you’ve been planning for October 31st since May. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, it was a dream of mine when I was younger to go and live in Halloweentown. It’s still my dream today. Halloween is special because not only can you dress like anything you want to be, but you can eat a crazy amount of sugar and not be judged for it. Before I came to B.U., my go-to Halloween activity would be to trick-or-treat the two and a half miles around my neighborhood, and do a traditional candy swap between my friends. However, when I came to school, I found myself stuck as to how to celebrate Halloween. It’s one year later and as a sophomore,instead of being confused about how to celebrate this amazing holiday, I’ve found TONS of ways to celebrate Halloween in Boston and beyond:

  • Drown yourself in chocolate at Max Brenner’s: Freshman year, my friends and I dressed up in our best spooky and quirky costumes and headed to a chocolate lover’s paradise: Max Brenner’s on Boylston. My roommate had told me about how she went to this restaurant in New York and how it was a place I had to go and what better time to go than on Halloween? We engrossed ourselves in rich hot chocolate, ice cream sundaes and my personal favorite, french fries sprinkled with cocoa powder and chili powder.

  • Salem! Salem! Salem!: I’ve been to Salem plenty of times in my life, but when I came to Boston, I thought it was going to be difficult to get there (because, as someone who hates to drive, I had nobody to drive me). Until recently, I found out there was both a ferry and a commuter rail stop in Salem. Salem is one of my favorite towns in Massachusetts, not only because of the rich history and fantastic museums, but because of the quirky and spooky shops. Where else can you find a store dedicated to the world of Harry Potter right next to one where you can buy spell books and cauldrons? Also, Salem has some of the best kettle corn and fried dough I’ve ever had in my life. So even if historically haunted houses and the Salem Witch Trials freak you out, do it for the dough.

  • Coolidge Corner’s Halloween Horror Marathon: As a film major, it’s no doubt that Coolidge Corner is one of my favorite theaters. The theater has midnight showings of movies every week and their theme for October is horror movies. At the end of October, they hold their annual horror movie marathon that starts at midnight on Halloween till noon on November 1st. They hold a double feature and if you’re really dedicated you can stick around for four more films. They do not announce the four other films’ titles till that night so you sit and hope and pray that you’re favorite scary movie is shown (personal favorites: Scream, Rosemary’s Baby and The Babadook

Halloween 2014, before we drowned ourselves in chocolate at Max Brenner’s

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