Hanna: A Look at BU Student Theatre

Patti Lupone.

Bernadette Peters.

Jeremy Jordan.

Angela Lansbury.

Aaron Tveit.

Sutton Foster.

Elaine Stritch.

Did any of those names make you swoon? If so, it is probably time for you to check out some of the BU theatre groups on campus. I’m not talking CFA. Those guys are fantastic and I encourage you to check out their season as well, but as a busy COM student, I only have time for the student-run theatre organizations.  These groups allow BU students studying other fields to learn about and participate in a wide variety of theatrical productions while balancing their academic lines. Since first semester of my freshman year, these groups have kept me sane. They have also given me some of the best friends I have in Boston, and I would love to use this post to support some of their upcoming productions (and maybe a few of mine…I have no shame).

Unfortunately, you’ve already missed two wonderful shows that went up over the last month. Over Parents Weekend, I was honored to produce Stage Troupe’s Seussical, a musical based on the books and illustrations of Dr. Seuss. Two weeks before that, BU On Broadway put up a concert version of Follies. I was in this one and it was an incredible and unique experience.

But you can’t see those because they already happened. I’ll move on to something more productive for the purposes of this blog. Here are list of upcoming productions you may want to check out!

Stage Troupe’s The Skriker

October 29-31

This is a staged reading that goes up the Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Halloween weekend. I’ll be honest…I don’t know much about this one. From what I’ve heard, it is edgy, spooky and insightful. It’s perfect for Halloween time. To make up for my lack of knowledge about the show, I’ve included the poster:

Stage Troupe’s Wit

November 5-7

I’m in this play! I cannot say enough good things about the script of this play about Margaret Edson. The show will resonate with English majors and students on the pre-med track, but it will also connect to anyone who has dealt with the struggles of humanity, cancer and mortality.  Death, really, but not in a gruesome way. Wit explores the journey to death (I’m not spoiling anything) of a stoic English professor who has never allowed herself to open up to human contact or kindness. She has buried herself in her scholarly analysis of poetic texts, and in undergoing chemotherapy, she receives the same treatment from research-hungry medical professionals. Her final hours lead to great enlightenment, both for her and the audience. It’s an honor to be part of this show.

BU On Broadway’s The Wedding Singer

November 12-14

Do you like love? Do you like music? Do you like Adam Sandler and big hair? This high-energy musical brings that good old Sandler/Barrymore movie to life. The cast is unbelievable and the story will make your heart warm. If you’re into fun, contemporary and upbeat musicals, this is among the best. Every member of the cast will make you laugh, and the night will be nothing but a good time. I’ll also be back stage on the Hair and Make-up team of this cool show, so if you come and notice any particularly brilliant hairstyles, you’ll know who’s talent is behind that. 😉

Stage Troupe’s Really Really

November 19-21

This is going to be a good one. This play explores the 24 hours after a typical college party. The play uses a potential rape accusation to explore many of the problems college students face. It deals with issues like stress, anxiety about the future, relationship issues, family ties, social standing and assault.  The show is raw, honest and critical, pointing out the flaws in our generation and encouraging the audience to learn from the performance. This show is especially good to see when you’re in college, and I know the cast and crew have really put their heart into it.

BU On Broadway’s A New Brain

December 3-5

This musical will be in the Agganis Student Theatre, a black box theatre that makes the performance very intimate. This eccentric show follows a disappointed composer (for a children’s television show) who can’t seem to write music that he finds satisfactory. On a lunch date with his best friend, he passes out right into his ziti and soon discovers he has an arteriovenous malformation…basically this means something is very messed up in his brain and he needs a serious operation to survive. As he contemplates his situation, he goes on a mental journey with his family and friends and discovers the joys of life he failed to previously appreciate. This cast is also spectacular and the experience will definitely be moving. I am so excited to see it.

Please keep in mind that these are the two theatre groups within which I am mostly involved. Other groups, such as Wandering Minds and the Shakespeare Society, have plenty of amazing productions too. No matter what you go to see, supporting undergraduate theatre is worthwhile. Students work so hard and so passionately to earn those three short nights of bliss, and usually, those performances are impressively good. If you are interested in attending any of these shows, google “BU On Broadway” or “BU Stage Troupe” for more information about tickets and locations. Also, let me know if you’re coming! I’ll probably be there, too.

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