Joe: Where Has The Semester Gone

The fall semester is almost over which is insane. For me, the arrival of Halloween basically solidifies the fact that so much time has passed since classes began and that winter break will be here before you know it.

I partially blame the New England weather and the abrupt changes in seasons. One day it’s 75 degrees and sunny and the next its windy and cold and you’re just trying to not fly away on your walk to class (even though you want to fly away because you consistently have homework and test and projects).

The rush of the semester always makes me feel bad because I always set a list of things I want to do and then never accomplish them. Especially when it’s the fall and around Halloween and you’re trying to be festive but just can’t seem to fight the inertia of your room/bed.

Anyway, to make yourself feel better and revel in your accomplishments, here is a makeshift list of all of the things I planned on doing this semester and have yet to do.


1)   Watch “Hocus Pocus”

2)   See Jimmy Fallon receive some comedy award from the Harvard Lampoon

I don’t want to talk about this one because it makes me sad.

3)   Eat at Charlie’s Kitchen

Buzzfeed recently brought this place to my attention even though I live less than 3 miles away from it. I’m such a quirky millennial.

4)   Eat more ice cream

It’s getting cold, which means that eating ice cream is only socially acceptable for so long. As much as I try not to conform to societal standards, there’s nothing worse than eating ice cream while it snows and getting shifty eyes from strangers on the street.

5)   Cook chicken parm in my apartment and pretend to be a real adult for one night

As you can tell, I’m S T A R V I N G while writing this and all I can think about is food.

6)   Go apple picking and get lost in a corn maze

Apple picking does not seem like a fun activity to me but it’s a staple of fall and I’m trying my best to make my life into a romantic comedy. Also, what kind of blog post would this be from me without a Taylor Swift GIF?

7)   Go to Kane’s Donuts

I’m still hungry, if you couldn’t tell. I’ve tried to go eat these ~world famous~ donuts three times now and every time they have been closed. I think it’s a sign from the heavens.

Anyway, long live and prosper. Keep it real. Don’t be like me and actually go outside and live your life and do fun things. I, on the other hand, will continue to be stressed out consistently and never getting anything done. What’s falling faster, the leaves on the trees or my GPA? (just remember that grades do not guarantee you a job so…)

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