Caroline: Stages of Eating a Sushi Bowl

We’ve all had a craving for a Basho sushi bowl from the GSU. It’s such an amazing concept: a burrito bowl, but for sushi not burritos. Why wouldn’t you want that all the time? Well, it has its ups and downs, because a sushi bowl is deceptively a lot of food. Here are the stages of eating a sushi bowl:


1. Really wanting one

2. Never changing your usual order

3. Eagerly waiting for your name to be pronounced wrong

4. Figuring out how to go about eating it

5. Giving up on using chopsticks after your first three bites

6. Regretting your decision to get a sushi bowl because it’s way too much food

7. Forcing yourself to finish the whole thing because you just spent $10 on it

8. Resting for at least two minutes before doing anything else

9. Congratulating yourself for eating such a delicious meal

10. Repeating it all again the next time you’re in the GSU

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