Amy: Winter is (finally) Coming

It’s been a weird, super warm fall, but I think we are all starting realize that winter is finally on it’s way to Boston. Winter in Boston is a tough journey, but if you’re prepared with the right stuff, you can make it a great season. I’m originally from northern Massachusetts, so coming into winter my freshman year I thought I had it all figured out. I was SO wrong. I never thought about the fact that at home, I was usually driving everywhere I needed to go all winter, so I never had to walk too far in a blizzard or in the freezing wind. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up on how to make winter more manageable:
1. Get an amazing pair of boots. You’ll want boots that you don’t mind wearing every day for about 4 months that can stand rain and snow. It’s also good to have boots with some traction because there are certain areas of campus (looking at you, BU Bridge) that get super slippery. I’m a fan of Bean Boots, but any trip to REI or another similar store will give you plenty of options for great winter footwear.
2. When choosing a jacket, choose carefully! Boston is windy, especially during snowstorms. Getting a jacket that doesn’t protect against the wind won’t do you much good during the winter season here.
3. LAYERS ARE EVERYTHING!! Get ready for it to be beyond freezing outside, and boiling hot inside most buildings. It’s annoying sometimes, but if you wear the right layers, you’ll be prepared for both. It’s better to pile on the layers to go outside than sit through freezing classes all winter.
4. Considerably one of the most important things: SmarTouch gloves (or whatever pair lets you tweet about how cold you are without having to remove your gloves to use your phone).
Stay safe and warm everyone! I’m heading abroad to Dublin for the Spring so good luck to everyone here and I’ll see you all again in the fall when Boston is gorgeous and not trying to turn us all into icicles.

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