Zach is Back: Ranking The GSU Options

The rankings ensue! As we finish this semester I will answer one of the most burning questions at BU, which is the best location at the GSU. Now I know what you are thinking: this. is. tough. But if anyone can handle it, it’s me. I am the biggest GSU lover ever and should receive infinite dining points for even making this post, but I digress.
(I will rate from worst to best.)
10: Panda Express
No, Panda is not bad by any means, nothing at the GSU is actually bad. However, this is the least original and you can’t deny that you always feel gross after eating something from Panda Express. Also they are always out of Teriyaki which is a big no-no in my book. There is something comforting though in having it, as it is a real brand that you can have realistic expectations with its food. But at the end of the day… it’s still panda
9: Grab N Go
Honestly, just wait the 5 extra minutes for a good option or go to City Co.
8: Takin’ It To The Street
What a beautiful, but unreliable concept. I love the idea of rotating themes (more on that later), and I love that we get to experience new food all the time. But some of the themes aren’t great. Has anyone ever like “The Codfather”? Also some of them are good but could be better, the burrito and Mediterranean ones are nice but subpar versions of real chains. The meatball one is cute, but who wants a meatball. Bonus: the options are usually pretty cheap.
7: Cheesology
Another cute option gone mildly wrong. First of all, just as Takin It To The Street is soooooo 2014, this is sooooooo 2009. That’s not a bad thing per say, but fads should not be permanent student establishments. The options are good here, but they are small, expensive, and take a long time to make for so little food.
6: Charles River Bread Company
I love it! But blah, these are just (much) better dining hall sandwiches and the salad territory is covered.
5: Cranberry Farms
I LOVE CRANBERRY FARMS! I am only ranking it this low for two reasons. 1: It is a polarizing place, some people don’t like it and I can see why. 2: I want more sides without paying more, I’m in college like come on. However, the food is so good and so filling and like good for you.
4: Rhett’s
I’ve discussed Rhett’s in a previous post, but Rhett’s is the biggest surprise of BU. You’d think it would be disgusting but it’s very good. The burgers are solid and there are a lot of options. The bagel sandwiches are HEAVENLY, and the fry options are good. The new quinoa bowls don’t belong at Rhett’s, but they do belong in my stomach. I’m rating this lower because the wait is always bad, and other options do other things better.
3: Pinkberry
Do you need froyo? No. Do you want it? YES! Need I explain more? No.
2: Loose Leafs
slgkjhsadlkjghsdajlkf MY HEART AND SOUL!! kjhfaskdjhflkj Loose Leafs is ALMOST perfect. The themes are amazing (except for Pacific Rim which isn’t thaaat) bad, the toppings are amazing, the breads are amazing, the meats are amazing, the dressings are amazing. I wish we had more lettuce options. Overally, I cannot contain my immense LOVE for Loose Leafs.
1: Basho
 This was a shock for me as I decided between Loose Leafs and Basho, but a sushi bowl is ~revoluationary~ and so good. Like I have never had a bad sushi bowl. They are wildly expensive but so worth. BU has never done anything smarter than putting one in Warren. I’m counting the breaths until it opens.
CityCo and Starbucks do not count because we have those everywhere on campus. Now remember kids, DINING POINTS ARE FINITE! See you next semester with a review of the new BASHO!

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