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For Film & Television majors there are so many interesting classes that you can choose from that are listed on the degree requirement form. However, what a lot of eager film-gurus do not realize is that there are additional special topics courses that are offered each semester. These special topics vary semester to semester and get specific in course description.

This semester I had the opportunity to take a special topics TV studies class called “NBC: The Anatomy of a Network.” In this class we study the multiple facets of network TV using NBC as a case study. Not only was this a great focus since NBC was the first American broadcast network, but I have also loved NBC for as long as TV has been a part of my life (aka always).

When I first heard about this class from an upperclassman friend, I knew I had to take the class because I never knew if they were going to offer it again (the scary thing about special topics courses). I was also nervous to take a graduate level course as a first semester sophomore. Thankfully a spot freed up and I ran to the Film & TV department and had them add me on to the class.

The class is once a week and is a long 3 hour session. However it never feels like a long class because everything we talk about is so entertaining and interesting. We watch full episodes of NBC’s best (and worst) shows like ER, SNL and Hill Street Blues. Also you know it’s a great class when the professor starts the discussion each week by asking us what TV we’ve been watching.

Speaking of my professor, if you are interesting in studying TV you MUST take a class with Professor Jaramillo at some point of your BU career. She is brilliant and knows SO MUCH about the TV industry. She’s literally a TV scholar and I wish I had the opportunity to learn from her every single day. Next semester, she’s teaching two special topics courses: “Uncensored TV” and “Feminist Television.” If just the titles of those classes don’t intrigue you right off the bat, you can find their course descriptions at http://www.bu.edu/com/files/2015/10/Spring-2016-Special-Topics.pdf

So take a look at the list and see if there are any classes that spark your interest and if you’re thinking about adding “Inside YouTube: Understanding the Rise of a Media Juggernaut” I’ll see you in class next semester!

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