Kreag: Boston: Winter Wonderland?

As the winter months approach, a lot of people end up stuck in their dorms as the snow buries our dorms and traps us inside.  Especially for those coming from rural or more suburban areas, its unusual to not be able to run out of your house and jump into the snow.  The city is a totally new experience during winter, but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty to do!  So, today I’m going to share some potential activities around the city that you can do even when there’s a few dozen feet of snow on the ground.


  1. Personally, my favorite thing to do in the winter, especially right after a fresh snow fall, is to take a trip to the Public Garden and Boston Common.  The whole area is absolutely beautiful after it has snowed and its perfect for those of you who love photography.  This is also going to be your only chance to visit the little island that lies in the center of the pond in the public garden, as the water freezes over and you’re able to walk out on to the ice and journey out to the center of the pond!


  1. The Esplanade typically has a big snowball fight after the first big snowstorm.  Last year it got cancelled because the storm was soooo bad, but hopefully this year it’ll be back on.  I’ve heard that it’s a lot of fun, and people come from all over the city to take part!  The esplanade in general during the winter is a beautiful place to visit, and also super close to campus!


  1. Another great opportunity is ice skating on the frog pond at Boston Common!  I had a few friends who went last year and claimed it was a super fun time.  I plan on going sometime before the end of the semester.


  1. The tree lightings across the city are also wonderful events that I wish I could have attended this year!  There’s a great lighting in Faneuil Hall that already happened, but Faneuil Hall during winter in general is a beautiful place to visit.
  2. Literally just wandering the city.  Last year I had to do a photography project out in the city in the middle of February and it was a great way to see the city from a whole new perspective.  Somehow I ended up at the fishing pier, which was entirely empty for once and it was super cool to see.  Honestly, losing yourself in the city during the winter is a great experience.

So, there you have it.  Five different activities to keep you busy during the frozen winter months!  Now here’s to hoping that we don’t break another snowfall record this year…

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