Christy: Breaking Free from the End of Semester Slump

As the weather gets colder and the dark, dreary skies become the new normal, its easy to fall into a slump. We wake up, look forward to going back to be and alternate our favorite end of the semester activities: going to class, doing school work and stressing out.

Last year, I found it hard to break free of this slump, but this semester I have found some ways to force myself to break this trend: the most important being get out and get a change of scenery.

1: Make a date with yourself
Plan a date and time to go to Starbucks or Pavement to get a change of scenery. I know it sounds silly but designating a time to get yourself out is a great way to break habits and routines. Even if you do homework while you’re there, it’s nice just to be somewhere other than the library or your desk.

2: Make a date with a friend
Sitting alone not your thing? Plan to go to lunch with a friend! Whether you plan to go to Starbucks to get some work done or hit up Newbury Street for a nice lunch and conversation, hanging out with a friend will distract you for daily stresses, while catching up with a friend you have probably neglected to talk to as much because your lives have so consumed with stress.

3: Go see The Nutcracker
I grew up both performing in and seeing The Nutcracker so I always associate December with this iconic ballet. There is nothing that compares to the magic of The Nutcracker (in my objective opinion.) Never seen a ballet? The Nutcracker is the perfect first ballet! It is beautiful and upbeat with a timeless story. Take a night to head downtown to the Boston Opera House and get lost in the Land of Sweets rather than your COM101 textbook.

At the end of the semester, don’t be afraid to change it up, go somewhere new and have some fun!

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