Rachel: Deciding to Apply to Go Abroad

When I first looked at schools, abroad programs were not on my list of priorities. I looked for schools with active student bodies, internship opportunities, and engaging professors. You know, all the usual, positive things and things that BU has.

It wasn’t until I got to BU that I realized going abroad is something people actually did. In fact, it started to seem like the norm for COM students.  After talking to some people and bringing it up with an advisor, I started to consider my options. Was abroad really for me?

The more I thought about it, the more sense it made and the more excited I got. Not only would I be able to explore the world but I would get to do it while taking classes. I looked at the programs and talked to some of my friends that went abroad to help me solidify my decision.

That’s when I decided I would go for it and apply to the London internship program. I talked to an advisor about the best track to take and which major to go abroad for (I’m PR and Journalism, so it made sense to pick one to focus on). How could I go wrong? I would be taking classes, doing an internship, and they speak English in London! I told my family my plan and how excited I was, and they were mostly supportive.

I live really close to BU (about 45 minutes away), so being in another country would really be stepping out of my comfort zone. I also was planning to go abroad in the fall semester, so I would be missing Thanksgiving and a lot of family members’ birthdays. Most of the time while I was considering to apply, I was excited and ready to go, but occasionally I got a little flip in my stomach about missing so much back home.

Now, the time is almost here to submit my application, and I know for sure this is something I have to do. When else in my life will I get the same opportunity? I have the application on my computer and am actively filling it out. All I have to do is get an advisor to sign off for it, send it in, and hope to be accepted.  It was a tough decision to decide to apply. Sometimes if I think about it too much I get a little nervous, but the nervousness never out weighs the excitement.

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