Kreag: Spring Break in New York City

You know what’s scary?  Its almost spring break.  I remember just weeks ago I felt like this semester was going soooooo slowly, and yet suddenly, here we are, less than two weeks away from a week of freedom.  I know that we have to survive midterms first, which are going to be a pain, but the hours and hours of studying will pay off once we begin our class-free week (and hopefully get some A’s on our midterms).

This year I decided my spring break was going to be exciting.  Last year I literally did nothing for spring break.  I went home, but my friends back in Agawam all have their Spring Break the week after BU does, so it was basically me sitting alone in my house for seven days.  This year, though, I decided to try something new.  Instead of going home, I’m taking a three day trip to New York City.  For a lot of people this probably isn’t a very exciting event, but as someone who has never been to the city, I am super excited.  In reality, the only city I’ve really ever been to is Boston, and as great as it is here, I am ready to go on an adventure in the Big Apple.

Here is a list of things I am really excited to see/do in New York:

-Rockefeller Plaza- I try and make it a habit to watch the Christmas tree lighting in Rockefeller Plaza live on tv every year, and the plaza always looks beautiful.  I know I won’t be seeing the tree there in March, but maybe I’ll catch a glimpse of Liz Lemon.

-Times Square- The hotel I’m staying at is actually in Times Square, which is super exciting since I’ve always heard that it is an insanely busy place.  Staying there for three days will be a perfect way to experience the life of New York City.

-Walk the High Line.  This is basically an old railroad converted into a linear park.  I’m hoping the weather remains nice enough to take a long walk down it at some point.

-The Statue of Liberty- I don’t know know if I actually want to journey to the top of the statue since I have a terrible fear of heights, but I at least want to catch a glimpse of it.

-Grand Central Station/Take the Subway- I have always wanted to see the inside of Grand Central Station, so this will be the perfect chance to do that!  Also, I’ve heard that the New York subway is much better than the T, so I’m excited to ride it and compare.

There are plenty of other things I’m hoping to do in New York, but these are the real highlights I’m hoping to hit while I’m there.  Hit me up on twitter @kreagsheehan if you have any fun New York City suggestions! 

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