Megan: What Is It Like to Know a COM Student?

Hey guys, its Megan again! So as you may or may not know, us COM students can get pretty passionate about what we’re studying, and we really love to talk about it. So I thought, what would my non-COM friends have to say about my educational experience here at BU?

For background: I am a freshman majoring in Film and Television, and through COM I work on Baystate, a BUTV10 show. I am a COM Ambassador (obviously), and I work in Undergraduate Affairs as an office assistant. Let’s meet who we’re interviewing…

Maya is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences, where she is currently undecided. She has the enormous pleasure of being my roommate.

Kayla is a sophomore in the Questrom School of Business, where is she pursuing a degree in Business Administration with concentrations in International Management, Marketing, and Business Law. She is also my next-door neighbor in Warren Towers.

  1. Do you know what your friend/roommate is actually majoring in?

Maya: No. What are you, Mass Communication? PR? Journalism? Who can say…

Kayla: Film & Television.

  1. Do you know what COM 101 is?

Maya: Ohhhhh yeah. I know too much about COM 101. It’s the intro class everyone has to take, and it has no specific focus. The first essay is about some part of communication, you did yours on YouTube, but others have done it on Snapchat. I remember that one time you made your discussion TA play the Star Wars trailer, and that’s allowed because COM.

Kayla: Not completely, but I know who Tammy is.

  1. What extracurriculars in COM is your friend/roommate a part of, and has she tried to make you join?

Maya: You’re in BUTV10, COM Ambassador, and you work in… Undergraduate Affairs. And… you said I could do BUTV10 if I wanted to.

Kayla: You are on Baystate, you are a COM Ambassador, and you work in the office. And I would say yes considering this is my first day of Baystate.

  1. Do you know more COM students than people in your own major?

Maya: Probably. I think a lot of it is coincidental, but since joining Baystate its been solidified that I’m going to know more COM people. Its funny the people that aren’t in COM but do COM things.

Kayla: I wouldn’t say that I know more COM people than my major, but I have more friends that are COM people.

  1. Do you feel like you’re in COM?

Maya: [scoffs] YES.

Kayla: No, but sometimes I wish I was.

Overall, it seems pretty obvious that I am very enthusiastic about COM, and it is a huge part of my life. Its crazy to think that this excitement over what I do can impact my friends too, even though they are not actually in my school.

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