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In just two weeks, I’ll be turning 20 years old and I have to say, it’s making me much more upset than I was anticipating. Turning 20 seems like the end of an era for me. I’ve been a teenager for 7 years now and it makes adult life seem that much more real.

These past few weeks of being 19 have made me reflect back on all the teen movies that have made me appreciate the past couple of years so much. Here are my favorite teen movies that everyone should revisit, regardless of age:

1.      Sixteen Candles
John Hughes is a teen movie wizard. All of his movies are so genuine and hilarious, but my personal favorite is Sixteen Candles.  Nothing makes me cringe and laugh more than the party scene at Jake Ryan’s!

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2.      Clueless
This movie is one of my absolute favorites of all time! The wardrobe, script, and casting are so iconic and the entire film is so quote-worthy. I idolized Cher in high school and though I will never come close to being as cool as she is, I’ll still definitely try.

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3.      American Pie
American Pie is one of those movies that can make me laugh hysterically on any day. I’m not ashamed to admit that I still love the movie’s soundtrack and all the blink-182 tracks on it.

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4.      Mean Girls
Some people say that Mean Girls has become overrated and overdone, but I think that’s impossible.  This movie will never not be funny.

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5.      Palo Alto
Though this movie is on the newer side, it’s probably my favorite teen movie ever. The dialogue is so genuine and it reminds me so much of my time in high school in California. The movie is based on James Franco’s high school in Palo Alto which makes the movie even more interesting and intriguing.

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