Esra: The Quarter Life Crisis

The quarter life crisis: it’s real and it’s normal.
You don’t have to get to the “midlife” point to have a crisis. I’ve realized we all experience it at some point or another during our college career. There’s that moment of sheer panic where you’re like “I’m running out of time”, and “what am I going to do with the rest of my life?”, etc.
I think it’s the availability of options that makes us all so unsure. Up until this point, it’s seemed relatively simple: graduate high school, apply to and choose a college, graduate from said college. But after graduating from college, there isn’t necessarily a predetermined next step. You may find yourself wondering if you should start working right away or go to grad school or take a year off to travel or do community service, etc. Really the possibilities can be endless and it’s nerve racking.
So I’d like to share some words of wisdom  from the lovely Airbnb host I had while visiting Dublin. She didn’t know it of course, but she told me exactly what I needed to hear: it’ll all be grand. Nothing profound, rather simple actually, but I could see how certain she was about this. It’ll all work out. We hear this type of thing all the time, but when you take it to heart and fully understand that no matter what decision you make everything will fall into place, it takes some of the weight off your shoulders. Perfect decisions don’t exist, so relax and enjoy yourself because “it’ll all be grand.”

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