Chris: Thoughts From A Senior After the Final Spring Break

Spring break for a college senior is much like spring break for a high school senior, especially if you’re doing regular decision. Earlier this week on my tour of COM with fellow CA Eliza, we had a student who applied to BU and was waiting to hear back. Prior to her leaving the building, I told her and her family not to worry, that no matter what things would work out.

As I begin to take one proverbial step outside of COM and into the real world, I have to apply the same thinking to my job hunt. Similar to being asked what schools have you heard from, the taboo question senior year of college is “what are you doing after graduation?” For those with jobs lined up already, it’s just like those students who were accepted early decision, they say what their plans are and move on. For those of us still in limbo, things get a bit awkward when we respond.

The key for you, the prospective student, just know that it’s okay to not have everything figured out at the same time as everyone else. Like I said, things do fall into place. Rather than focusing on everyone else, which can be difficult, channel the energy towards other things. In high school I channeled it towards my extra-curriculars, which at the time involved being on the track team. Four years later, I am using the energy to remain positive and continue applying for jobs.

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