Emma: Your Post-Spring Break Semester as Told by Parks and Rec

Now that spring break has come and gone, it’s crazy to believe that we only have a few weeks left of our spring semester here at BU. The remainder of the school year is time to celebrate and buckle down, with Marathon Monday and Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s to look forward to, but also final projects and midterms to tackle.

No matter what different struggles and excitements the rest of this semester has in store for each of us, the characters from Parks and Rec always have our backs. Because every day can’t always be a Leslie Knope kind of day. Sometimes, we all have to be Jerry’s.

  1. You realize how much you appreciate your professors who made your midterms before break

We take back everything we said about you as we crammed before break

  1. …And resent the one’s who saved them all for after·


  1. You start to actually think about how your favorite seniors are graduating

Try to avoid plots to make them fail out of classes so they have to stay another semester

  1. Attention to your grades becomes more important than ever

The quest for A’s is too real

5. But at least you can study outside!

Just don’t let Boston’s wind blow your study guide into the Charles

  1. It’s finally acceptable to get super excited for summer

When all you want is to complain about it being too hot outside

  1. But you’re still so happy to have these last few weeks with your best friends from school

Couldn’t have done it without you guys

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