Eliza: Thank you, Trader Joe’s

Since moving into an apartment at the beginning of this semester, two things have become evident to me: I didn’t appreciate my dining plan the way I should have, and Trader Joe’s may or may not be the promised land.

My appreciation for Trader Joe’s comes largely out of respect for the way it has provided me with things to eat other than Annie’s mac & cheese (although I will never lie about the deep sense of love I have for that gift from heaven).  Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook – I find it relaxing and enjoyable – unfortunately between classes, work, exams, papers, and my rigorous Netflix schedule, the time isn’t always there.  I quickly found my saving grace in Brookline, thankfully only a short 20 minute walk from StuVi.

So, this is it.  My shout out to the frozen foods and snacks sections at Trader Joes, thanks for getting me through this semester with semi-proper nutrition and my sanity.  Late nights on the 26th floor of StuVi2 wouldn’t have been the same without Inner Peas and mandarin sparkling water.  Getting home late from club meetings or work would have killed me if not for frozen burritos and pineapple salsa.  Afternoons writing papers would have been much less enjoyable if not for frozen peanut butter cups (shoutout to my roommate for always keeping them stocked) and pre-brewed iced coffee.  It’s been a semester of the books, for the books, and by the books, and I couldn’t have done it without snacks. Here’s to study period and finals week, I can’t wait to snack my way through it.

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