Jimmy: COMe on People!

Fun Fact: When trying to think of broader name for their newly established School of Public Relations, the 1947 Boston University Board of Trustees were stumped. All they they knew was that they really liked the three letters “C,” “O,” and “M.” After failing to arrive at a consensus, they eventually ditched the idea and went with “Boston University College of Communication.” The acronym however, stuck.

After spending INNUMERABLE hours in Mugar doing research, I was able to dig up some of the original contenders. Here they are below:

College of Optional Math

Classes with One Male

Carefully Ornamented Macbooks

Competing for Opportunities and Money

Critical-thinking Overwhelms Me

Compulsively Over-watches Mad Men

CS6 Only, Mom!

Cameras, Overacting, Microphones (oh my!)

Copywriting: Objectively better than Marketing

Care for Overhyped 80’s coming of age Movies?

Continues to Overthink Major

Concise, Objective, and Missing punctuation

Caffeine Over Maintaining sleep

Contemplates the Oscars’ Motives

Convinced OITNB is Magic

Canonize Our Dear Mindy Kaling

(Just to clarify: these are all jokes or hyperbolic observations based off my limited experience as a student in the School of Communication. “COM” is short for “Communication,” obviously)

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