Megan: Dealing with 8 AM Classes

8 a.m.

A time that strikes fear in the hearts of many a college student forced to wake up way too early and pay attention way too long before the sun has officially woken up for the day.

8 a.m. classes strike in different ways. Some are requirements, and some are classes you really want to take but have to be up at an ungodly hour to go to.

I have been through both of these situations, and I have the answers on how to survive Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 until 9:15.

  1. Wake up wicked early. Like 6:40 early. That way you can either take a shower to regenerate yourself or just lounge around and give yourself ample amounts of time to be awake. Checking Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat makes you feel more engaged and ready to start the day.
  2. Go somewhere for breakfast. I recommend Einstein’s. It is fantastic, has so many options, and, best of all, takes dining points. Even if you feel like you can’t have a full breakfast that early in the morning, have a little snack just to get some energy. I always get a bagel and the orange juice.
  3. About the orange juice. Don’t drink it while you eat your bagel. Save it for class, because that’s how you really stay awake. The best trick I have (and that I absolutely swear by) is taking a sip of OJ every five minutes in class. Sometimes I’m so awake I miss a sip, and that’s how you know you’ve conquered your 8 a.m. Its just something to focus on so you don’t fall asleep!
  4. Don’t wear lots of layers. If you are feeling warm and cozy you might get drousy: I wear light clothes so I’m cold and awake the whole lecture. The goose bumps are worth it!

I skip coffee because the taste and smell makes me sick, but if that’s your thing try it out! A secret of mine is that I don’t even really like orange juice, but it has really saved my grade the past two semesters.

Surviving your 8 a.m. is all about finding the tricks that make you awake and alert. Some days will be harder than others. You may have noticed that I skipped going to bed early because that’s pretty much impossible in school. Just do your best!

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