Claudia: Warren Dining Will Forever Have My Heart

I LOVE Warren Towers. I’m am not afraid to share my love for the BEST dining hall on campus. Laugh all you want BaeState and West is Best fans, but Warren will forever be my home. 

Last year I lived in Kilachand which is MILLISECONDS away from Marciano Commons (affectionately known as #BaeState). But unless it was in the name of friendship or a quick smoothie before my 8am Sociology class, I NEVER went to the nationally ranked dining hall. I would always choose Warren. 

On top of Warren always being consistent, it is vegetarian friendly. Everyone is always willing to either make me a veggie burger or just give me the sides. The plates aren’t preprepared like at Bay State and there are non-meat option because you’re not surrounded by athletes like in West. 

Warren breakfast is the best. They have mastered my two eggs over hard with cheese and also have BREAKFAST burritos. 

Friendships are formed in Warren dining. I have walked in to Warren for a 5pm dinner and not left until late night started at 9:30 – maybe even later. I have laughed so hard I’ve fallen out those glorious plastic chairs. I’ve cried — either from laughing or real tears — in those booths. I remember being offended walking into Warren my sophomore year and seeing the renovations, but now I cannot live without the new Asian station. 

Now that I live in South, Warren is the closest dining hall. But distance has never stopped me from going to my favorite place on campus. The phrase of the semester has been “Warren is SO good now. I understand why this is where you went last year” I look at my friends and laugh because Warren has ALWAYS been and ALWAYS will be incredible. 

Warren dining, I love you. 

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