Samantha: Five ways my co-op changed my life

As everyone is getting back into the academic mindset, settling their class schedules and falling back into their routines for the semester, my life has taken a slightly different path. My weeknights are no longer spent in study rooms or at club meetings. Instead, I spend my time at the city desk of The Boston Globe.


In lieu of taking classes this semester, I am on a 6-month metro desk co-op, reporting crime and breaking news. And guess what? They’re hiring! Here are my top five favorite things about the co-op program (aka reasons journalism students should apply):


  1. I’ve gained the greatest writing experience I could ask for. My deadlines are generally 10 to 20 minutes long, and I write so many articles a night! Not only have I become super fast at reporting breaking news but I’ve improved my AP style and writing fluency by a landslide.

  2. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the finest reporters and editors in the country! The Boston Globe is no small operation, and the experience of working alongside these talented folk has been totally inspiring. That being said, everyone here is so friendly and open, and I’ve really felt like part of the family since day one.

  3. Covering crime and breaking news has given me a perspective on a world many wouldn’t even know existed if they live in the BU bubble. I cover shootings, fires, robberies — you name it. Although the work is often sad or scary, it helps me realize that the world isn’t always welcoming and happy like a college campus. On the contrary, the sadness also makes me see the good in the world, especially when I talk to heroic bystanders or helpful neighbors who save lives every day.

  4. Although I admit that I miss going to class and seeing my peers every day, working 40-hour weeks and maintaining a busy schedule has prepared me for a post-graduation career in a way no classes or internships could.

  5. Living behind the scenes of a daily newspaper has totally solidified my goal of becoming a reporter someday. Not only do I see how the business of journalism is changing in the super-exciting digital age, but I get to watch happy journalists go home at the end of their shifts after they report pieces that affect the community and shed light on Boston’s most important issues. There aren’t words to describe how passionate I am about this field, and being able to put it to practice every day is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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