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Wow, another sappy “I’m A Senior” post.


Don’t get me wrong; I am devastated that my college career is coming to an end. But in 3 short months, I will never have to write another paper again. EVER. I have spent 15 years as a student in the American education system and if it has taught me anything, it’s that most forms of homework are actually forms of torture in disguise. Guantanamo-level torture.

Hold on, kids, because this is about to get sappy.

A few nights ago, I texted my friend in NYC, “I’m going to miss college so much.” I don’t remember what prompted the text, but it made me think back to all of the shenanigans my friends and I have gotten into these past few years. Do you ever stalk yourself on social media and look at pictures from pre-college life?

This is an accidental ritual I do probably once a month (mostly because I like to think that college made me hot).

But also as a subtle reminder of how much my life has changed these past 3 and a half years. My one friend likes to remind me that I looked like a worm in high school (she’s not wrong). College is like the cocoon phase of my life. So let’s hope post-grad is when I become a butterfly. Although, my expectations are that I’ll be more of a gross moth. Is that how caterpillars work? I missed that day of elementary school and feel like it’s too late in the game to ask now.

Everyone tells you how fast college goes by, but no one ever takes it seriously. I guess it’s just something you have to live through. The impending doom that is adulthood lurking around the corner is enough to keep anyone from wanting to graduate, but I feel strangely at peace with the whole “college ending” thing (most of the time). Maybe it just hasn’t hit me yet. Until then, this will be me as I write my final few college papers:

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