Angeli: 8 AM’s *Sometimes* Aren’t The Worst

It’s 7:40, and I’m out the door of my adorable, century-old South campus brownstone. Off I stroll with earphones in and my favorite olive jacket on (you snuck up on us, but I see you @fall!!!) I’m heading to an auditorium in SED where, oddly enough, my Intro to Advertising class is held. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t aiming to take this course from 8 to 9:30 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, but that’s when the professor I wanted was teaching and you know the college drill. After avoiding 8 AM’s at all costs my first two semesters at BU, taking this class was quite the wake up call (I crack myself up), but I can’t say I’ve hated it. I came to this realization just like last week as I sat beside my dear pal, and fellow COM Ambassador, Megan. I noticed that she had a cup of orange juice from Einstein’s–she claims its her equivalent to coffee–on her desk yet again. Naturally, I made a teasing comment and we got to talking about attending a lecture so bright and early.
“You know, I actually don’t find myself sipping my orange juice as much as I thought I’d have to.” (Remember that Vit C keeps Megs energized!)
Then it hit me. I myself hadn’t had to conjure up all of my might to keep my eyelids open. In fact, I was pretty engaged throughout each class. Ironically enough, I then spent ten minutes or so zoned out as I thought about how I could possibly enjoy a lecture at that hour. Here’s what I came up with:
1. Maybe, just maybe, I had finally picked the right major. If you’re familiar with my blog posts from last school year or have ever met me even just once, you know I’m as indecisive about everything as 8% of voters are about which candidate to pick (exercise that voting right!!!) By the end of last semester, though, I was pretty convinced Advertising was right for me and this class has really sealed the deal. Taking pleasure in completing assigned readings is always a good sign, but not minding the fact that you have to wake up at the same time as the sun–total exaggeration–is really a red flag that reads “YAS.”
2. I have so much more time in my day for stuff! Being out of a lecture hall at 9:20 garners the greatest sigh of relief, especially if you’re like me and have no other classes that day. You therefore have hours to kill at your own will and pace. It’s soups convenient when you have an on- or off-campus job/internship–I, for instance, do my COM tours and intern on those days–and, if not, you can do other fun things like going to FitRec, volunteering somewhere, meeting up with the orgs you’re involved with, or watching season 1 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schidmt, again.
Inline image 1
3. Getting homework and projects done is easy breezy (and potentially beautiful when you get that A.) This point is basically a combination of the previous two. I’ve been leaving Intro to Ad pretty stoked about the material and, in turn, to get my assignments done. With the extra time I have in the mornings, I can do so and not have to sacrifice the most important thing in my life: sleep. End of point.
4. This is completely unique to the course I’m taking, but I get to watch videos!! Frequently!! Luckily, my professor is skilled when it comes to projecting his voice, so it’s hard not to be tuned in. He’s also pretty good about mixing things up, though, and often shows us example  advertisements throughout class. This really keeps the hour and a half from dragging on, not to mention makes me pumped about entering this field. Just for fun, here’s an ad we recently watched that left me wanting to bow down to its creators:
All in all, friends, if you like the subject enough and could use some extra hours in your day, taking an 8 am might just be a blessing in disguise.
**Special thanks to Megan Barnard and the Einstein Bros for the inspiration**

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