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Ahh yes, fall semester… Coming back to BU, reuniting with friends, the changing leaves, and study abroad acceptances. The first two months of fall semester is filled with abroad acceptances followed by a funny one-liner. In COM, Junior year is definitely the most popular time to study abroad, followed by the popular second semester Senior year trip to LA. The COM specific programs are LA, DC, London, Sydney, and Dublin. Next semester I’m jetting off to London (with fellow CAs Sam and Alex) on the Advertising Internship track! My CA Steph, along with CAs Hannah, Joe, and Esra, are giving me the lowdown on all things London! I’m so excited to go and already have a working list of all the places I want to visit! The number one thing I’ve heard about study abroad is that LONDON IS EXPENSIVE!! So here are some awesome things to help you save money (whether you’re going abroad or not) on AND off-campus! 

On Campus: 

1. A Night at the Theatre:

Did you know that all of the School of Theatre shows in CFA are free AND open to BU students? This weekend I’m going to see my friend Hannah in the Femina Shakes production of Hamlet (

Plus a perk to being non-CFA is that you get first choice seats 🙂 

2. A Comedy Tonight! 

We have so many comedy groups on campus! There’s Liquid Fun (feat. CAs Zach and Jimmy), The Callbacks, and Slow Kids at Play! 

Liquid Fun has a FREE show THIS Friday at 7:30 pm in BU Central (

3. Music to My Ears 

So we all know that WTBU is our on-campus radio station that you can listen to 20 hours a day every day, BUT did you know that WTBU also hosts live shows? Come to BU Central on Thursday, November 3rd for the station’s first live show of the semester featuring Aurora Birch, Covey, and the Novel Ideas (Acoustic Set). And get this… IT’S FREE! 

Off Campus:

  1. MUSEUMS!!!! 

Need to brush up on your art history knowledge? As BU students we get free access to the MFA, Isabella Stewart Gardner, and the ICA!

  • The Isabella Stewart Gardner is an incredible museum INSIDE an old mansion. 13 pieces of art were stolen back in the 1990s, and the frames are still empty in the museum. The museum has a beautiful courtyard and paper and pencils for you to sketch around the museum. The museum has Third Thursdays with free music (and a cash bar for those over 21!) and late hours! 

  • The MFA is my all-time favorite museum in Boston. The special exhibits (Hokusai aka the wave emoji and Mega Cities Asia were too of my favorites) are always great and they have a new curated exhibit that is inspired by Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

  • The ICA is our resident contemporary art museum that has fun activities and performance art too! 

2. Free Movies?!?

Join the BU Students Love Free Movies page for FREE tickets to early screenings of movies! Because who doesn’t love going to the movies for FREE!!!!

3. Trident Trivia 

Ok so technically this is free, BUT you should support Trident Booksellers and Cafe and either buy some food or something (they have books under $5!) before you go to Friday night trivia. Trivia is held every Friday night at 8:30 so bring your friends! You could win awesome prizes like Trident gift cards or free books! 

This weekend there’s even a costume contest for Halloween (

4. The Boston Public Library 

The BPL is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. It’s filled with books, has a gorgeous courtyard, and just opened their newest wing which features the WGBH newsroom cafe. I went a few weeks back and got to celebrate Arthur’s 20th birthday (with free cookies and I got to sign Arthur’s birthday card and meet Buster!). The new wing has a cafe and a mini news studio for WGBH, our PBS member station in Boston. 

Don’t forget – having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card! 

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