Eliza: Cool Things to do During Study Abroad; part 3756

So honestly, one of the coolest parts about BU in general (after COM, obviously) is our study abroad programs.  I’m just over half-way through my second study abroad with BU, and I have met as many students from other schools as I have from BU – a true testament to how amazing our programs are.

While my summer program in Australia was absolutely amazing (shout out to the Sydney Travel Writing program!), I have now completely fallen in love with London.  I’ll probably never stop talking about either program, so sorry to everyone I encounter for the rest of my life, but both trips have been everything I’ve hoped for and more.

Since arriving in Europe, I’ve had all sorts of grand ideas for big trips around the continent.  But I quickly realized that my bank account, and my time frame, meant that I was probably not going to be able to pack in all the touring I had dreamed of.

But because of this, I’ve begun looking for other trips to do more locally, and have been rewarded with some great experiences.  Here’s a few of the places I’ve visited, or am visiting, only a short bus ride from London.

  1. Cambridge University: Honestly, Cambridge is worth the hype.  I happened to visit on a beautiful day, and between the shocking lack of clouds and AMAZING chocolate cake I had that day, it was a success.  Before going, be sure to look into booking a tour on a punt, which essentially a far less glamourous version of a Venetian gondola.  But often university students drive the punts, and they’re the best people to show you around.
  2. Dover Cliffs and Dover Castle:  The White Cliffs of Dover are iconic enough to have an epic, lyricless, songabout them (which I confess, I only know from the smash hit video game Guitar Hero).  The castle that sits above them is one of the best preserved early medieval castles, and the area surrounding it has a history stretching from the castle all the way until World War II.
  3. Stratford-Upon-Avon: As my second degree is in English, you can be sure I toured Shakespeare’s Globewithin a few weeks of getting here.  But I couldn’t come all the way to the UK and not see his birthplace too! It doesn’t take long to get to the home of the bard, and if (like me) you know you need to make it more than a day trip, there’s tons of adorable and affordable bed & breakfasts you can book!
  4. The Cotswolds: This region of the English countryside is known for quaint cottages, rolling hills, and flowers.  Essentially, exactly what you’d imagine England to look like outside of London.  There’s tons of bus tours to this region on the weekends!
  5. The Lakes District: Probably one of the most underrated areas in England, the Lakes Region was once home to a slew of great English writers and poetswho were inspired by the slightly dismal, but still breathtaking, scenery of this area.  Another must for English literature enthusiasts, or just for anyone hoping to get out of the city.

The best thing about traveling to many of these places is that you can actually, in the end, spend some quality time in London on the weekend days you’re not busing out to the smaller cities.  It’s easy to travel so much during study abroad, but don’t forget to get to know that city you’re calling home for those months!

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