Aidan: The Best Advice I Got During College

Hey Gang! It’s Aidan again, and here I am writing one of my last things I will write for Boston University (please share in a group cry with me). Big surprise, I’m nostalgic about my time here, and I have been reflecting. A lot.

Not only that, I have started the infamous *post-grad job hunt*. It’s a different world out here, and it’s a little tough. However, there are some great things that people told me during my time here at BU that, to this day, get me through the rough spots of life.

  1. Ask for advice, not jobs

Well I was abroad in LA (Aidan talking about LA?! That never happens….), I met a great guy working in Development who told me one of the greatest pieces of wisdom. I asked him how you go about connecting with people you have worked for post-grad to start hunting for jobs, and he told me: “People who ask for jobs get advice, and people who ask for advice get jobs.”

What he was driving at was this: people don’t like to be used. When you ask people for a job, they feel like they are your tool, and they won’t respond favorably. HOWEVER, people DO want to help you. If you ask for advice, it shows 1. That you are thoughtful, 2. That you are humble, 3. That you care about your relationship with the person you are asking. You can’t lose!

  1. Always say yes

You know, we BU kids are pretty driven. If you are like me, you have a game plan for the next 7 years. I hope I am not the first to tell you that your ~game plan~ doesn’t always work out. You are going to get a lot of opportunities in life, and at first you may not see how they connect to your main goals. However, helping someone out or taking an unlikely job will provide some road for you to whittle closer to your desired path.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

THIS is what I swear by. My sophomore year, life was rough, and I thought I could tough it out. Turns out, I couldn’t. For the first time in my academic career, I had to ask professors and staff members for leniency. And guess what? They helped me. Life can go bad at some times, and it is okay to acknowledge that you aren’t functioning at 100%. We are all human, and we have all been there. Don’t feel like you should suffer unnecessarily. In the words of Albus Dumbledore, “…help is given to those who deserve it.” Be a good kid, it will come back to you sometime later in life.


Guys, finish the semester strong. If you need anything, know that we are here for you!!

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