Jimmy: A Plea for Local Art

On Sunday, I saw Hand to God at the SpeakEasy Stage in the South End. It was a play I heard a lot about when it first ran on Broadway, but I never got around to seeing it. This production was thrilling. The small, 200 seat theatre added to the intimacy of the horrifying, grotesque text. All the actors brought their A-game, and I even recognized one of the leads from BUTV10’s Paper Trail.

Overall, the experience cost me $25 and it is something I will never forget. With news of federal Cuts to arts funding and stories of cultural landmarks being shut down, this positive experience made me pledge to keep supporting the local arts scene.

As a college student, I’m always broke too. It’s difficult to allot money to things besides food and necessities. I get it. I often improperly prioritize my spending habits. I’ll refuse to buy a $10 movie ticket, yet spend $25 a week on iced coffee. The little things add up. And it’s disappointing to know that I would much prefer to enrich myself with a performance or new album from a local artist than a caffeine addiction. Sure, it’s easy to find less than legal ways to download music or stream movies, but if you cut the small luxuries and celebrate unique content with your wallet, it benefits that artist and the larger arts community as a whole.

Whether you’re Film & TV, Advertising, PR, Journalism, or any other communications profession, we’re all storytellers, and we should respect anyone who dedicates themselves to the craft–especially those in our immediate community. Here’s a list of ways you can get involved in the Boston Arts scene and celebrate storytellers of every medium.





Great WBTU show featuring local music







Information on discounts you can get with your BUID (including $9 tickets to Brattle Theatre, Huntington Theatre Company and more!)


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