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Unfortunately, I’m the first on the list of “abroad posts” so I haven’t been gone tooooo long. But I’ll do my best to share as much of my experience so far that I can.

So without further ado…..

HELLO FROM LOS ANGELES!!!! I’m currently taking part in the BU LA Study Abroad program. Although I have one semester left in school, I wanted to try out Los Angeles before I graduated so I could see if I wanted to stay after graduation. So here our Five Things about BULA/My experience.

#1 Internships

Most of my internship knowledge is New York-based so I did a lot of research on positions before I met with the BULA Assistant Director (the person who connects us to internship contacts). I knew that I wanted to work in Television and I love talk shows and development so that really narrowed down my choices. I applied to and got offered an internship at one of the talk shows in Burbank, CA. I’ve been here for a few weeks and don’t even have enough words to describe how much I love working here. Everyone in the office is so lively and passionate about what they do, which is the best environment to be in. When looking at internships, definitely think about what type of people you want to be surrounded by because it can really make your experience even better.

#2 Roommates

When finding roommates for abroad, you can go random or pick your friends! I’m living with four of my friends from Boston and it’s an absolute blast. BULA has a partnership with Park La Brea Apartments, which is in a great location and right by the grove. Roommates are great in LA because you always have someone around and if your roommates are like mine, you always have someone to go to Target or Costco with. Also another roommate PLUS is carpooling. One of my roommates is also on the Warner Brothers lot so we carpool four days a week. She likes it because it saves her some gas, and I like it so I can sleep in and get ready in the car.

#3 Driving

So speaking of carpooling, driving is pretty much essential in Los Angeles. I’ve never tried to use the public transportation, I just trust people when they say it’s difficult. I rented a car from Enterprise and it makes life a lot easier because you can get to work on time and go on weekend adventures. If you don’t drive, don’t fret! One of my friends doesn’t drive and works the same days at Warner Brothers so he just tags along with us!


So many places to visitCalifornia is HUGE. There are so many amazing places to go and to visit, it is impossible to be bored. We haven’t done much traveling yet because it’s been raining. Yes raining. BUT, I’ve driven up the California coast before and I’m so excited to do it all again! The weather is nice this weekend so maybe I’ll get past Malibu this time. Regardless, there are always new places to visit and explore in California so make sure you bring comfortable shoes.


Food, Food and more FoodIf anything is thriving in Los Angeles, it’s all of the restaurants’ and the possibility of for amazing food. For months I’ve been stalking Instagram and looking for the best places to get reservations to and visit with my friends. Fair warning though as your list gets longer, your wallet gets smaller so choose your stops wisely.

That’s my brief spiel about studying abroad in Los Angeles, I wish I had more to share and more time to write but if there’s one thing you need to know about the program is, be prepared to be BUSY. Between class, work and explorations, you will never have a dull moment but you’ll also barely have time to sleep in.

To my friends in Boston- miss you and hope you’re enjoying the snow. I’m going to go to the pool now, bye.

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