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Alright, so I’m going to start with a disclaimer saying I am somewhat of an outlier in terms of how many internships I’ve had so far. I am in the second semester of the junior year, and I am currently on my fifth internship. I plan to do at least one or two more before graduating, but that is because I haven’t found exactly what it is I want to do yet. I know for sure what I don’t want to do and  have ideas of things I could do, but I have a feeling that my ideal job is out there waiting for me. I just have to find it. How have I found my internships thus far? A few different ways.

1. Utilizing Connections

Ask around and make it known that a.) you’re looking for an internship and b.) you’re qualified. Even if you don’t think you’re qualified, you are. You go to BU, so you have work ethic, communication skills and problem solving abilities just by taking classes here. What you don’t know, you will learn on the job. Trust me. My first three internships I got through connections. My first was through a family friend (I know, I got lucky), and my second was through a professor  I had for my writing class (Thanks Professor Greif!). Not everyone has family or friend connections to companies for internships, but everyone in COM has access to COM professors. Whether they are adjunct or full time, they have their job for a reason. They know people. Get to know them!

2. Doing A COM Internship Program

BU offers a variety of study abroad programs in 25 countries on 6 continents. Lucky for us, COM has multiple COM specific Study Abroad Internship Programs. If you choose to study abroad, I would recommend an internship program because BU works with an agency (EUSA) to guarantee you an internship, and you work with the agency to make sure the internship fits your expectations (make sure you know what you want from your internship before you meet with the EUSA agent because if you don’t know what you want, there is a higher chance of you ending up in an internship you don’t enjoy). Domestic companies love to see that you have international experience, so the Study Abroad Internship Program is a win-win because you get internship experience and build a stronger resume for future positions.

3. Read the Emails From Patrick, Joyce and COM Career Development

I know we get a lot of emails from BU and COM, but at least glance through the emails from the folks at COM Career Development. They have tons of opportunities available for us, and they’re willing to help you out and be a point of contact for both you and your prospective company. I got my current internship (a position that was quite possibly design for me) by reading one of the emails from Patrick. I reached out to him and the company respectively, and I whole heartedly believe that one of the main reasons I have this position is COM Career Development.

4. Join Professional Clubs and Attend Professional Events

One of the best decision I made in my college career was joining PRSSA. It is a professional organization for public relations students, and it is so helpful for networking. Every week, a new speaker attends the meeting and speaks about their company and positions. They also let PRSSA members know of opportunities at their company. Not only that, but by just being a member of PRSSA you get access to a whole online database of resources including an online career center.

5. Research!

When you’re feeling desperate, there is always Google to help you out. I found so many internship applications just by Googling companies I know are in the area or looking up headquarters for products that I buy. Look at what’s around you. Those shoes? Someone is probably running a company that put those on your feet, and they probably have internships. Put yourself out there, and apply to what ever you find. Even if you don’t get an internship, you gain experience on filling out applications, corresponding with professionals and interviewing. All very important.

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