Kate W: Foods You Should Always Have in Your Dorm Room

Having food in your dorm is super important especially being a crazy busy BU student or with the always unpredictable Boston weather.  Sometimes it’s just impossible to get the dining hall, but that definitely will not stop you’re stomach from growling in the middle of class or on your walk down Comm Ave.  That’s why it’s always important to keep these snacks or small meals on hand in your dorm room.

  1. Fruit:

These make for a great breakfast-on-the-go or mid-day snack.  Not only does fruit taste good, but it is also healthy.  Fruits are very easy to come by at BU especially in the dining halls where you can take an extra apple or two to eat later on.

  1. Popcorn:

If you’re a film/tv major like me or even just a movie lover, movie nights are very frequent, and no movie is complete without popcorn.  So, for the nights that you spend with your friends in the dorms watching Netflix, this is exactly the snack that you need to have readily available.

  1. Late night study snack:

This can be any guilty pleasure snack that you keep around in case you need a quick boost of energy while studying.  Buying them in bulk may also be a good idea since staying up late to catch up on homework seems to be a common circumstance at BU.  You will probably get hungry and doing homework is bad enough, let alone doing it with a growling stomach.  So, the easy solution is to keep a snack in your dorm that makes you happy and can help you focus on your work.  My personal snack of choice is animal crackers.

  1. Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter goes with everything.  Whether you have left over pretzels, vegetables, or bread, peanut butter goes well with it all.  It can easily turn a quick, boring snack into something more delicious and that you actually enjoy eating.  It is kind of hard to take peanut butter on the go, but it’s a great option if you only have a little bit of time or if the walk outside from your dorm to the dining hall seems a little too difficult with Boston weather.

  1. Ramen:

Ramen is the stereotypical college food for a reason.  It’s no 5-star meal, but it is easy and if made right, it can taste pretty good.  Your only kitchen resource of a rented BU microfridge is pretty limiting, making Ramen one of the best options for days when you’re snowed into your dorm.  It’s also a great late night meal especially if you don’t  have a lot of time to eat because it’s super quick and easy to make.  Basically, ramen is a college student’s dream and should be eaten often.

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