Carly: Black Mirror Episodes Ranked

Black Mirror: if you haven’t heard of it yet, you have now.

The British television series is a science-fiction anthology similar to The Twilight Zone in that each episode is a depiction of some sci-fi or dystopian society. With Black Mirror, each story provides a look at innovative technological devices that have enhanced society but at the same time become a tool for destruction.

Given that it is an anthology, each episode is a completely different story. That gives the audience the ability to pick and choose between different episodes rather than watching in order.

The stories are incredibly creative and diversity is plentiful. Episodes like the critically acclaimed “San Junipero” are more lighthearted, and tell a heartwarming tale of love. On the other hand, episodes like “White Bear,” are darker and touch on themes of vengeance and morality.

The underlying theme across the show is modern technology and the horrifying role it can ultimately play in our society. Some are merely entertaining, others are more gruesome. Some have deeper messages woven into their narratives and others just seem to enjoy the destruction. Below are a list of each episode ranked in order from worst to best, followed by their season and episode number.

13. The National Anthem (1.1)

12. The Waldo Moment (2.3)

11. Fifteen Million Merits (1.2)

10. Shut Up and Dance (3.3)

9. The Entire History of You (1.3)

8. White Christmas (2.4)

7. Be Right Back (2.1)

6. Nosedive (3.1)

5. Play Test (3.2)

4. White Bear (2.2)

3. Men Against Fire (3.5)

2. Hated in the Nation (3.6)

1. San Junipero (3.4)

Think these pictures give you a good idea of the journey on which you’re about to embark? You aren’t even close. And before you ask, yes that is Jon Hamm in “White Christmas” and Domhnall Gleeson in “Be Right Back.” Better get to it and hang on for dear life — Black Mirror is a roller coaster of plot twists, innovative ideas, complex characters, and ominous predictions about our own future.

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