Lilah: Raise your end-of-the-semester spirits with these healthy tips!

As we head into the final days of second semester, it’s important to have time outside of the library or class. When crunch time comes, make sure you do little things that make you happy! I personally find myself struggling to balance between friends, sleep, and work. I’m sure I’m not alone. Aside from the daily conversation with my mom to keep me grounded, I need other activities that will allow me to fully enjoy my last few weeks of Freshman year.

Here are some things that, personally, relieve stress when I’m busy planning my schedule down to the minute.

1. Turn your phone off / Take a break from social media

It’s easy to take breaks from work by scrolling around aimlessly, but social media can also cause more stress! Take a break from the internet, and meet with friends instead. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s a difficult task. It is quite easy to get lost scrolling through every app for hours on end. Also, side note! Keep your eyes up on the sidewalk! You don’t want to run into this fierce New Yorker as she heads to class.

2. Take a walk / Go outside

When you live in central campus, you can easily stay within a 50 feet radius for weeks. I personally feel much better when I go outside (especially when it’s so nice now!). Going on walks is a really great way to clear your mind. Or, if you prefer to lounge around, the BU Beach is a beautiful place to lay down in the sun. Also, the COM lawn is a beautiful green area where you can relax with your COM friends! It is also important to explore the beautiful city that lies beyond BU’s campus. Especially as the year is ending, make sure to visit the places you never got to during the semester.

3. Breathing Exercises

It may sound cheesy, but when you’re stressed, breathing exercises help a lot. Take your mind off work, and let yourself focus on ~being zen~. At orientation, they taught us several exercises that help in times of stress. At that point, I was confident in my ability to defeat the end-of-the-semester slump but I was wrong! Remember to count your breaths… and your sheep.


It’s so important to nap during this time of year. I’ve been strongly anti-nap my whole life, but here I am! Napping away every day! Don’t be a stereotype. College kids are allowed to sleep, too.


Take a good portion out of your day to have meals. Whether you’re alone or with friends, mealtime is a therapeutic and necessary part of your day! Also, drink water. Always.

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