Esra: Laptop Friendly Places to Study Outside BU

I get ridiculously bored working from my apartment. Sometimes if it’s especially gross out or I’m feeling lazy, I’ll work in the living room instead of my bedroom so that it’s a slight change of scenery. Most of the time though, I find myself in coffee shops typing away or editing photos on my laptop.

Thus, I’ve become quite acquainted with laptop friendly environments.

Pavement Coffee House

My stomping grounds. I frequent the Pavement on Commonwealth Ave, however, if you don’t want to be surrounded by BU students and/or faculty I’d recommend checking out another one of their locations. If you don’t mind, then it’s a great environment to sit down and get stuff done. I’m here more times a week than I’d like to admit.

COFFEE: Counter Culture

Caffè Nero

I went through so many Caffè Nero loyalty cards when I studied abroad in London because they were everywhere (including down the street from my classroom building). Somehow it took me an entire year of being back in Boston to figure out there’s not one, but many Caffè Nero locations here too. I recently went to the one in Washington Square and I fell in love. It’s a very rustic chic environment with great cappuccino (also their hummus is unreal, random I know) that’s perfect for catching up on work.

WIFI: Yes — 3 hour limit
COFFEE: Caffè Nero

Tatte Bakery and Cafe

Especially when the weather is nice out, the outdoor seating at the Charles Street Tatte is ideal. If you’re more of an indoor person, the Tatte in Harvard Square has a lot of seating (but is often crowded). Another big plus for me is the fact that they serve Stumptown coffee — one of my personal favorites.

COFFEE: Stumptown

Boston Public Library

Last, but certainly not least is the man, the myth, the legend (okay maybe not the first 2): Boston Public Library. After being renovated last year, BPL now has two different vibes for the public to enjoy. Go through the main entrance and up the staircase to experience the traditional “omg am I in Hogwarts?!” areas. Enter from the side of the building, on Boylston Street, for a modern and bright wing of the library. I love them both and decide where to sit based on my mood that day.


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