Rachel: The BU Bucket List of a Second Semester Junior

It has recently come to my attention that I only have one year left at BU. I was making my schedule for next semester with Jenn G. (the COMUGrad Office Manager and one of the best people to know in COM) and realized I could plan out all of the classes I had left to take. After planning my classes, I realized I should start planning out my BU Bucket List before it gets too late.

1. Eat a Sandwich at the BU Pub

When you turn 21, BU Dining Services sends you a postcard to get a free sandwich at the pub. The BU pub is reserved for students and alumni who are 21 plus, so now that I am 21 I want to take advantage of my access to the pub and, of course, that free sandwich.

2. Stargaze on Top of CAS

Did you know that there is an observatory on top of CAS? I want to go up and look at the stars on a cool fall night.

3. Stay in a Dining Hall Open to Close

I used to give tours of campus, and when I did, I would tell families that if you got into the dining hall on a swipe you could stay there all day if you wanted to, though I never did it myself. I don’t currently have a dining plan, so I will have to rely on some of my underclassmen friends for this.

4. Attend a BU Basketball Game

I’ve worked with BUTV10 my entire college career, and we record all the home basketball games. However, because I was on the marketing end of things, I never attended a basketball game with the organization. I think it is about time I attend one of these games that I tweeted and posted about as a fan.

5. Use the Lazy River and/or Climb the Rock Wall at Fitrec

I’ve been a bit of a gym rat my entire college career, but I have never been in the lazy river or climbed the rock wall. These are two absolutely rad additions to our gym that people are astonished by, but I never even considered that I had them at my actual disposal. Catch me climbing that wall or floating in that river sometime soon.

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