Rachel: Joining One Extra Curricular Can Change Your College Life

My first year at BU, I didn’t join many clubs. Then, my sophomore year I joined BUTV10, the Daily Free Press, the COM Ambassador Program and BU’s Chapter of PRSSA and went full COM. Not only were these clubs great experience, but I made a lot of really great connections and friendships. One of the best decisions I made in my college career was joining PRSSA.

PRSSA is the Public Relations Student Society of America, which is a preprofessional organization that focuses on enhancing the educations, expanding the networks and launching the careers of communication students. I originally joined PRSSA to learn more about public relations and maybe get an internship. Two years later, I’ve been to Seattle and Pheonix for PRSSA National events, I’ve had six internships, I have friends all over the country and I am on the planning committee for the largest gathering of public relations students in the country, the PRSSA 2017 National Conference (PRSSANC).

My active involvement in BU’s Chapter of PRSSA gave me the opportunity of a life time. I went to every weekly meeting, joined the digital media team writing blog posts and got involved with the Chapter’s nationally affiliated, student run public relations agency. I made connections and became someone that people recognized. I wasn’t on the e-board and had only been involved for one semester, but when word came out that Boston was the next city to host PRSSANC and our Chapter started to form a committee to write the bid to host the Conference, they asked me to join the committee and help write the bid that ultimately earned us the opportunity to host the Conference this year.

Now, in less than a week, I will be working along side three other BU seniors to facilitate a huge, four day event where I’ll be interacting with CEOs, CMOs and other high level executives. PRSSA gave me the chance to work on the event of a lifetime and gave me the skills to manage the event and interact with professionals with confidence.

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