Kate: Top 5 Low-key Study Spots with the Best Views

The semester is in full swing and we are all swamped with dozens of assignments and midterms with fast-approaching deadlines. With all these assignments come a great responsibility…to find the absolute best study spot on campus. The perfect spot is quiet and not to busy with a great view of the city to help you procrastinate on those long and dreaded days/nights in the study lounge. Here are five low-key study spots on campus with the best views.

1. The greenhouse

The greenhouse on the top of CAS is a hidden gem. It is open to people who are in the gardening club, so find a friend or join the club to enjoy this amazing spot. After getting the key from the department office, you can head all the way upstairs to the roof. The greenhouse itself has nice plants and greenery, but the rooftop view behind it makes this spot special. There is a little office with some couches and seats to study in adding a used, but cosy aesthetic to the space. This space really is a secret, so it’s almost always super quiet and empty. This is a great place to get straight to work and I highly recommend it.

2. Hojo

Hojo is another great option for a study spot with a great view. Just walk into hojo and head up to the top floor. There are always open tables in both the regular and the quiet study lounges, so it’s a really great place to meet up with people or isolate yourself from the world and get to work. To top it all off, there are 360 degree views of the city.

3. StuVi2

So, this one isn’t exactly a secret but if you’re talking about study spots with a view, you have to include the study lounge on the top floor of StuVi2. This study lounge has huge floor to ceiling windows that surround the building giving you an incredible view of everything Boston. If that doesn’t inspire you to study, it’s fine because the lounge is open 24 hours so you’ve got plenty of time.

4. Law building

As one of the newer buildings on campus, this spot is a little less known. However, there are tons of places around the law building with incredible views of the river. Whether it be the Charles River Room on the fifth floor or the cafeteria on the second floor, you’ll find floor to ceiling windows (that are actually clean!!) to give you a little happiness while you’re studying. These places are usually pretty quiet and there are always places to sit around the building. An added bonus – the ambitious law students will inspire you to work hard and get your assignments done.

5. Yawkey Center for Student Services

The last hidden spot is Yawkey Center. This spot has two floors of dining hall, three floors of academic assistance, and six floors of great views. The CAS writing center and the Educational Resource Center have comfy chairs and spots with incredible views of Fenway. Sometimes, you get a free concert too!. You also can’t discount the dining hall. Marciano commons has some large windows with great views of Bay State or Fenway. It can get pretty busy but you can usually find little nooks where it’s quiet and there aren’t as many people. You can, also, take as many snack breaks as needed, making this study spot one of my favorites!

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