Eliza: Coffee Reflections

It may have taken until senior year, but I’ve finally accepted it. I’ll never be the type of person who wakes up early to drink coffee in my apartment, or even to make it and take it out the door with me.

I will always be the type of person, however, who rushes walking to see if there’s a chance of popping into a coffee shop before my meeting / class / COM building tour. I will continue to spend that $2-$5 almost every day, but I’ve decided that I needed to come to terms with my habit.

To be fair, the “treat yo self” movement has been around for a while, and I’ve indulged in a few cozy sweaters (for those Boston winters) or a dinner out (for when cooking like an adult is just too much) using just this mentality to justify it. But I never looked at my daily caffeine fix as a part of this philosophy, I just did it, every day, and felt bad about spending the money after.

In the grand scheme of my spending, coffee is definitely a drain on my wallet over time, but having come to terms with that it’s something that gives me joy, I’ve started to look at it as more of a lovely little bit of self-love, and not a irresponsible indulgence.

This all comes along with getting older, probably, but learning to “not sweat the small stuff” is something I try to work on every day. Of course, my inner perfectionist fights tooth and nail for every little behavior to be analyzed. Taking the drama out of little things, like buying a cup of coffee, means more energy and time to focus on things like school work, or even more simply on just enjoying the day.

The moral of this (caffeine induced) tirade is this: find something that makes you happy, and run with it. Because those little parts of your day have a way bigger impact than you’d think, and in the long run, coffee is always a good idea.

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