Rachel: Surviving Cold Season

It’s that time of year again: cold season! This is the time of year where everyone is busy with assignments, not sleeping much and spending time with their friends in warm spaces, which let’s be honest, provides the perfect conditions for festering disease. I did not make it out unscathed this season, but I do have some tips for making illness more bearable.

1. Nap

Sleep is so important, so make it happen. I know things can get overwhelming this time of year with pending assignments, but resting is essential when you are sick. Maybe do readings in bed followed by a nap, or try to budget your time, so you can go to bed at 10pm instead of midnight. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep!

2. Hydrate

Water, tea, green juice, what ever fluid you prefer – make sure you drink lots of hydrating liquids. Your body needs water especially if you have a sweaty illness where you’re losing fluids (ick but true). Water is great, so hydrate!

3. Oranges (Vitamin C)

Vitamin C is more for before you get sick, but I still like to partake in some OJ drinking during ill time. Vitamin C improves your immune system and a strong immune system can improve your ability to fight illness. ( I may be a COM student, but I can science when it comes to sick time).

4. Hot Drinks (Stay Warm)

It’s already chilly outside, so you are going to want to bundle up. Being sick, though, makes it even more important and comfy to layer yourself in sweaters and scarves and wrap yourself up in a blanket. Plus, bundling makes it easier to rest when you are napping.

5. Friends

Misery loves company. Isn’t that a saying? Having company when you’re sick makes it easier to tough through the sneezes and coughs. Plus, if you have really great friends, they will bring or make you food when you’re not up to making some yourself.

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