Zach: How to ease the pre-grad dread

Graduating is a very very very very very daunting event coming up for a lot of people (some even sooner than me… sorry December grads) and it is easy to get caught up in the fear of this pending doom. I have been overthinking ways to avoid these thoughts or turn them into positive ones and here are some tips!

1: Stay Busy

This semester I was the Vice President of Liquid Fun, Producer for Hothouse Productions, and I directed Spring Awakening for BU on Broadway… so I barely had time to think about how I was going to ripped away from all the things I love to start completely fresh and alone in 6 months.

2: Keep in Touch with Potential Employers

The most exciting part of graduating is putting your degree to work, so especially after your most crucial internships summer before senior year, it’s good to keep in touch with them and remind them you exist during senior year! Let them know what projects you are working on so you can carry a solid relationship with them post-diploma.

3: Start Saving

One of my biggest fears about graduating is that I have no life-skills to be able to live on my own with no family or college network, so I started a savings account on an app called Digit that rounds up all my purchases and quietly takes money from my checking and puts it into a savings account. I am trying to save for 3 months rent in New York City… wish me luck!

4: Focus on things that aren’t beholden to college

I was really scared recently that graduating meant I lost my identity because I am so involved at BU. I had to take a night to really think about all the things I am and CAN BE without my activities and friends here. Focus on things you love that transcend location: for me that was improv and theatre. I can still see and participate in both of those things once I am graduated and living in a major city!


Take your last chances to get caught up in all the college stupid things because soon real things will be your worries! Let yourself get lost in roommate drama! It’s stupid and pointless but so is being young!

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