Josee: 500 Days of BU Summer

Back in elementary school, everyone dreaded the thought of summer school. So, obviously, when the opportunity came up to stay at BU over the summer, I jumped up at the idea.

From May to September, I assumed the role of Student Advisor (otherwise known as the very loud people in red shirts with terrible jokes). Hey, I already had terrible jokes and am pretty loud, so what a perfect fit.

PHOTO 1The COM SAs of 2018!

After meeting thousands of freshmen and their families, memories rushed in from my orientation session. My hair was a foot shorter, my eyes were wide with excitement, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I remember meeting my Student Advisor (s/o to former CA Rachel McLean) who I remembered from my April Open House. She mentioned how she spent all of her money on grapes by accident and I felt like I related on a spiritual level.

PHOTO 2Rachel, the OG

I also remember feeling elated. My mind couldn’t stop racing at the immeasurable possibilities before me and all the new people I met. This isn’t suburban New Jersey anymore, it’s the big league.

With the constant programming and new faces, there were moments of uncertainty about this new chapter. Did I make the right decision? Do I really belong here? Can I keep up?

Looking back, those fears seem so trivial now. But I remember how much of a big deal they were to me and it grounds me amid the fears that arise two years in.

I’m not worried anymore about getting lost on campus or being afraid to talk to people. Now, it’s more: Will I get a job after graduation? Am I ready to become a leader now that I’m an upperclassman? Am I going to have frozen pizza for dinner again? There will always be questions and uncertainty, it’s just about whether you’ll do something about them.

Bringing that back to this summer, I realized truly how impactful personal growth is here at BU. Getting to know the freshmen and hearing about what inspired or scared them created these parallels. I wish with all my heart I could tell them exactly how amazing their time here would be and how they would grow into people their freshmen selves would be proud of.

PHOTO 3It’s going to be ok freshman Josee

Mind you, this progress doesn’t come from a perfect college career free from blemishes or trouble. Rather, it stems from falling down and finding the motivations and support to pick yourself back up and get better every day. Keep truckin’ on my dudes, you’ll thank yourself later.

So, it’s been a pretty cool summer. Talk to you guys soon.

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