Gab: New to Boston? Love photography? Here are some cool local spots to explore.

Boston is a stunning city, filled with beautiful architecture and history around every corner. Moving to Boston last August from southern california as an aspiring photojournalist felt like a kid in a candy store. Walking down different streets in Boston I always find great photo opportunities. It’s hard to get out of the BU bubble sometimes but here are some fun reasons to venture out and be creative!

  • Chinatown

Chinatown is a beautiful spot in downtown boston with so much going on. There are so many events and stories to be told in the culture heart of the chinese community in boston. I’d recommend going at golden hour, the magical lighting falls so perfectly on the whole neighborhood. The people are friendly plus the food is amazing. Chinatown is a great option for a full day of going out and taking pictures, getting food and maybe doing a little shopping as well.

  • Graffiti Alley

There is a hidden gem in Cambridge called Graffiti Alley. If you are coming from the BU campus, hop on the Green Line’s B train headed towards Park Street. Once you reach Park Street, switch platforms and get on the Red Line towards Alewife and stop at Central! It is an alley completely covered inch to inch in graffiti with amazing stain glass windows above it all. It is a super photogenic location for portraits, backgrounds, or even just a nice alleyway shot. Plus, there is also some great food places along this street as well for a snack after your shoot!

  • Acorn Street, Beacon Hill

Acorn Street is a beautiful and quaint cobblestone street in a Beacon Hill neighborhood. Acorn street is the most photographed street in Boston for good reason, but there are plenty of ways for you to put your own unique spin on it! This street makes for an excellent spot for portraits, family shots or even a nice long exposure of the street with the lights shining on the cobs. My recommendation would be to use a nice wide angle lens and explore all the different angles and perspectives you can think of!

  • The North End

Boston’s North End is a photographer and foodies dream spot. As an italian myself, the North End has earned a big stamp of approval by me. This area is less like of a tourist attraction and more like an authentic italian neighborhood, filled with many narrow maze like streets and shops. There are so many amazing streets, restaurants and people that you can photograph and get to know. The North End is full of stories of people, culture, family businesses, experiences and a lot of history! The freedom trail even passes through the North End.

  • The Charles River Esplanade

As a BU student, this destination should come as no surprise. BU students are fortunate enough to go to be on a campus that runs along the Charles River and a beautiful trail called the Esplanade. Both relaxing on the BU beach overlooking the river or going the extra mile and heading over the BU bridge onto the esplanade makes for a perfect place to clear your head and take some beautiful photos. Bring a tripod! Whether it is to take a long exposure of the ice sheets melting over the river at sunset or the early morning glow, the esplanade will make you feel lucky to call Boston your new home.

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